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Our Mission

Our mission is to help people by providing naturally derived solutions that are safe for all.  

Our vision is to build a business that will bless lives through our products. Our profits will be used to innovate and provide life-changing solutions for generations to come.

Our Values

Nature + Science

We strive to bring out the best nature has to offer while maximizing its benefits through sound science. 

Safe & Trusted

We create the highest quality products that are safe for everyone to enjoy.

Relentless Innovation

We develop new solutions and applications that are built on people’s changing needs and challenges.

Better Quality

We want everyone to live their best life through better health.

Our Story

In 2016, Kirby Hammond and John Heaney met to talk about business opportunities. Over a couple of hours and a lot of discussion, they came up with a few ideas. But the one they were most excited about was an opportunity with CBD.

As a veteran, Kirby had seen many people come home with a host of issues. He watched helplessly as they tried to manage their issues and cope with their loss. He knew that a solution could help millions of other people with their health in a better way.

John’s love of chemistry is unbounded, which is why he became a chemist. The prospect of taking a known medicinal plant like hemp and using science to make it better was a challenge that he wanted to take on. He felt that CBD was still untapped in its potential, and wanted to see how to make it more effective.

After four years of tinkering, testing, and trial John and Kirby created CBK. The patent-pending, THC-free product they developed takes the best of CBD and enhances it, making it more effective to help people from all walks of life. They are excited to see this product helping people today and want others to see the benefits of CBK.

Our Team

Kirby Hammond

Kirby is what you would call an entrepreneur. After a tour in Vietnam and a degree in electrical engineering, he set off to make his mark. He led many different companies over his career and worked across the country in a variety of industries from alternative power to energy consulting to alternative waste management. He quickly moved up the ranks in every company he joined due to his work-ethic and his innovative mind. Kirby was always on the lookout for new ideas and new challenges. His accomplishments include becoming commercial pilot, certified open water diver, and an instructor in martial arts. He is excited to start NuCura and bring it to the world. When Kirby isn’t dreaming up his next idea he is riding his vintage Harley-Davidson or spending time with his lovely wife, kids and grandkids.

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John Heaney

John is a scientist by nature. He has been fascinated with chemistry his entire life. His first chemistry set at 11 wasn’t enough for him, and by 12 he had his own laboratory and was actively designing experiments and performing syntheses. His BS in Chemistry from California State University, Sacramento and Master of Science in Chemistry from Stanford led him to do practical chemistry out in the world. John went where the chemistry was stimulating, working in varied assignments in mining, environmental, nuclear medicine, and pharmaceuticals. He has dedicated the last five years to researching cannabinoid actions and interactions, with the goal of amplifying their beneficial natural properties. When he isn’t wearing his lab coat, John spends time with his wife of 18 years and visiting his children.

Scott Boyce

Scott joined Kirby and John a few years into their journey to provide legal and logistical support.  Scott graduated law school cum laude and has practiced law for eight years, representing clients on issues regarding CBD and THC compliance, employment issues, as well as assisting veterans with disability claims and promoting the safe and effective use of CBD for a variety of cases.  In addition to working at his law practice and working with the development and production of Beyond CBD, Scott spends time with his wife and five children.

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