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Beyond CBD is scientifically formulated to provide much stronger and longer CBD activity than traditional CBD. The patent-pending combination of CBD with enhanced CBD increases and prolongs the beneficial effects of CBD.

Why Other CBD Products Fall Short

CBD: Traditional CBD suffers from a very short (1-3 hour) half-life in the bloodstream. This means CBD is being destroyed almost as fast as absorbed and has difficulty reaching useful therapeutic levels without massive doses.  In comparison, enhanced CBD extends this half-life by hours, giving your body more time to benefit from its effects.

“Broad-Spectrum” CBD: Though improved, Broad-Spectrum CBD has very few benefits over traditional CBD. A few of the minor cannabinoids in broad-Spectrum oil do extend CBD’s action, as well as providing effects of their own, but the improvement is small at best, and the rapid breakdown of CBD in the body remains an issue.

Water-Soluble CBD: These use detergents, glycols or other dispersing agents to dissolve or suspend traditional CBD in water. The CBD is absorbed faster, but is still destroyed rapidly in the bloodstream.

Nano-CBD: Similar to water-soluble CBD, nano-CBD is absorbed faster than traditional CBD, but is destroyed in the bloodstream just as quickly as traditional CBD.

Oil-Based CBD: Oil slows CBD absorption and does not protect CBD from rapid destruction in the bloodstream. Only NuCura CBD delivers what other CBD only promises