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All You Need to Know About CBD

Let’s start at the top. CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a compound found in all cannabis plants, which include both marijuana plants and hemp plants. While CBD is found in both types of plants, almost all CBD products get their CBD from hemp.

What’s the difference between marijuana and hemp? The main difference between these two plants in the cannabis family is a component called THC. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. THC is found in high quantities in marijuana but in very low quantities in hemp. While marijuana is yet to be legalized nationwide, hemp is legal in all 50 states (with some stipulations). For this reason, most CBD products use hemp.

CBD can come in many different forms, whether oral through capsules, tinctures or even gummies. Or it can be topical in creams or lotions. Look at the amount of mg of CBD used in the product to help identify potency and effectiveness.